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What is Point Guard Vision?

As your personal point guard, Stephen Bardo, helps parents, players and coaches maximize the sports experience. Here you will find tactics and strategies to help student-athletes develop leadership abilities, standout from the crowd, and find the confidence needed to go after their goals and aspirations. Point Guard Vision is uniquely designed to help students athletes excel and achieve next level success!

Who is Stephen Bardo & What Qualifies Him?

We all know that sports and leadership are synonymous with each other. When we look at sports, it’s a great example of life. When you have a team with mediocre leadership, you get mediocre results. But when you have a team with great leadership, you get champion-level teams. That’s how important leadership is in sports, and that’s how important leadership is in life.

Stephen Bardo - Fighting IlliniStephen Bardo, your personal point guard, is a nationally recognized leadership and teamwork speaker, as well as a master point guard that has played basketball on every level in the world. He uses his experience as a former student athlete and NBA basketball player to guide parents, players and coaches.

Stephen’s Experience & Expertise

  • Former NBA Basketball Player. Stephen was drafted in the 2nd round by the Atlanta Hawks. He went on to play for the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, and San Antonio Spurs.
  • Former NCAA Division I Student-Athlete. Stephen attended the University of Illinois on a full athletic scholarship, and played as the starting point guard for the “Flying Illini” (a nickname given to his final four participating team).
  • Author. Stephen has authored two books, and his book “How to Make the League Without Picking Up the Rock” has garnered rave reviews.
  • Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist. Stephen is an Emmy-award winning sports reporter for CBS 2 Chicago.
  • Top Basketball Analyst. Stephen has worked for ABC, CBS, and ESPN covering college basketball. Stephen currently is the lead analyst for the Big Ten Network and Fox Sports 1.

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It’s Time to Leverage Opportunities and Maximize Performance

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What Others Have To Say…

“Stephen’s success in academics, athletics, and now speaking gives him a unique perspective, one that students can learn from…”

– Arne Duncan, Former U.S. Secretary of State

“Stephen is a must hear for all student-athletes. Hear from someone who dreamed of making it big and did. Stephen has a true blueprint for success.”

– Tom Amadio, Superintendent, Chicago Heights IL

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